Recycled products for your eco-friendly garden

Green gardening doesn’t only mean green plants and trees. It also means using eco-friendly techniques and materials to make the garden green. Many household products can be used to make a garden look beautiful and trendy. Some of the products are mentioned below:

 Old dresser turned into a garden

Old Drawers, cabinets and tables

All these products can make a lovely planter. They can be used as a platform to place small sized plants. Arranging them in a row can make the side table look pretty and colorful. Moreover, you can also place these pots on open drawers at a corner of the room. Use these cabinets and tables as per your creativity to enhance the look of the garden. You can have small sized herbs placed on these cabinet drawers, making the setup look stunning.

Doors and screen doors

Old doors can be used as antique accessories for your garden. They look elegant and make it a private property too. Moreover, you can also use them as an exit to your garden. Screen doors can be used as a trellis for crawling plants. Painting the old doors in a thematic design, either giving them a grid look or a floral design and placing these old doors on the side walls can also be a good idea.

 glass lamp in garden

Old glass lamps

Gardens can also be designed considering a theme. It can be Victorian, antique or contemporary classy look. Accessories such as old glass lamps can be used to decorate gardens. These can be used as bird feeders or birdbaths that attract birds or bees. Light an old antique glass lamp in the night and watch it enhance the look of the garden.

Window frames and windows

Windows frames and windows can be used as antique decorative items. They can also be used to grow creepy plants such as money plants or plants that crawl. Or you could use them as garden dividers.

 Old chairs in garden

Old chairs

High chairs can work great as planters. Many a times high pots or vases are either not available or are expensive. You can use old high chairs to make them as planters. Color them in any bright or dark color that suits your garden theme. Floral designs can enhance the look of the chair.


Any old object used in the household can be converted and recycled into a fantastic garden interior idea. Give space to your creativity and design the perfect green garden for your house.

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