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Recycled steel strips make for a unique peice of art

Draper wall sculpture

Visual treats, in the form of electrifying sculptures, or in the form of happening pieces of decorative art, always appeal to the human eye. Give treat to your eyes and visit the Visual Arts Department building at Florida State University to see an amazing work of art. The outstanding piece of wall sculpture is covering the complete 5 story atrium of the Department and has proved its value as a worth seeing and worth appreciating art subject.

Made from recycled pieces of steel strips, it took a good amount of time to combine the classiness of the strips together. By combining 50 pieces of the strips, the artist was able to add depth and give a 3D effect to the masterpiece. The artist gave a new meaning to the recycled pieces of the steel strips by making it into a unique piece of artistic value.

Complete with the beautiful sheen of the metallic strips, the sculpture has been designed in a manner such that its 70 ft height is spread over a span of 5 floors. Each floor gets its own piece of the sculpture, thereby, enhancing the beauty of each floor. The design is different on each of the 5 floors and the sheer depth and astounding beauty is going to leave you marveling.

Combining 50 pieces of the recycled metallic strips would have been a daunting task for the artist, but it was covered with sheer guts and courage.

Via: UrbanaArch