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Recycling and reusing old gutters the creative way

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Here we have brought for you some very creative and impressive DIY projects you can make using nothing but old gutters. These projects will leave you wondering as to why not you could think of one on your own. Go ahead and make some using old gutters of your home or by seeking some from renovation sites, and take pride in creating some DIY eco-friendly projects.

Vertical Garden

Vertical gutter gardens

Image Source : PeakProsperity.Com

Vertical gutter gardens have many advantages. Hitting two words with a proverbial stone, this project can save old gutters from their destiny in the landfill, and make gardening possible in areas where the soil is too cold and makes crop production impossible.

It can be useful to install rain gutters on the walls of a home that receives enough of sunlight and ventilation, and is safe from the reach of animals. You need to arrange for some rainwater gutters and drill hole in them.

Now hang them in rows on the walls, the quantity depends upon your requirement and the availability of space. The small holes drilled allow excess of water to drain out. Now put soil and some time release fertilizers, some more soil and sow seeds. You can grow herbs and other kitchen garden plants in these vertical gardens.

Outdoor table wine cooler

Outdoor table wine cooler

Image Source : PixStatic.Com

You love inviting your friends to your patio parties, and you like flaunting new and unique things in front of them. Here is one such DIY project that can help you reuse old gutter and make a practical table with it.

Arrange for a wooden table for this project, or make one on your own using reclaimed wood. In the middle of the table, fix an old gutter. The table is ready and you can use it for placing wine and scotch bottles on it. If you want to serve your guests’ cold wine, put ice in the gutter and then place bottles in it. You will be a proud host and your guests will be floored.

Wine Rack

gutter Wine Rack

This DIY project has the potential to get better and better with creative ideas. The shape and type you can change as per your creativity and the availability of materials. It is a beautiful wine rack made using redwood gutter and reclaimed Cypress. The wooden old gutter cut into pieces so that their size is enough to hold wine bottles. You need to take a log and attach redwood gutter pieces to it in any way and design you want.



Old gutters actually make very good shelves. Whether you hang some in your kitchen, in bedroom for keeping books, or in the entryway to hold keys, they look lovely. You just have to put in little effort to enhance an old gutter’s appearance. You can apply your creativity to give them exciting looks or keep them simple, whatever you wish.

Hanging rack garden

Hanging rack garden

This is a very simple yet interesting project. You just have to arrange for a wooden rack, or make one on your own. Now hang old gutters on it, and use them as a hanging garden. The rack design makes the garden easy to carry around, as in taking it to the sun and taking it to a place safe from cold.

Rainwater gutters direct rainwater to a gutter and prevent it from destroying a building. They are made of PVC, plastic, aluminum, and some very old ones of wood as well. You can use old gutters to make some very creative and helpful designs.