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Recycling and reusing tyres – Ways that take you off the beaten path

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Vehicle tyres have to be changed every now and then. Discarded rubber tyres add to the landfill and make our environment dirty. To reduce wastage of resources and prevent the volume of landfill from increasing we should try to recycle and reuse irreparable car tyres. Reusing and recycling car tyres need not necessarily be costly affair.

You can do it by using your creative DIY ideas. Disposing rubber tyres can be a difficult task. Not many people have sufficient garage space to stack away the rubber tyres. In the following a list of simple, cost effective rubber recycling methods has been shared to help you do it on your own.

Make a rocker for backyard

 rocker for backyard

Urban areas are fast turning into concrete jungles and parents have to shoulder the responsibility of creating a playing space within their property for kids. If you have got a spacious enough backyard then use your old tyres for making a swing or rocker. This can be easily made using sturdy ropes or iron chains. Fix the iron chain on the surface of the tire and suspend it from an iron rod or branch of tree. Your children will love to play on this inexpensive rocker.

Make a pet bed

 pet bed

If you have more than one little pet friend at home then you may use tyres for making cozy pet beds. For making a pet bed, you will have to cut and remove the upper portion of the tire. Clean the insides and then lay soft rug plus mattress to make it a cozy and comfortable bed for the dear pets. Cats and dogs both will love the fluffy bed inside tyres.

Make a beer cooler

beer cooler

You can also make a beer cooler using old tyres. First you need to create a wooden, raised platform. Make a circular wooden frame on top of which the two tyres will be arranged. On top of the tyres you can again place a round wooden frame and lid on top. Keep ice and beer bottles inside. This can be an eye-catching addition to your farmhouse or home décor.

Great for gardening


Always remember that using repurposed or recycled items in your gardens will make them greener and eco-friendlier. Use rubber tyres for creating raised flower beds. You can also use the big tyres as planters. This way you will include them in nurturing your garden cost effectively.

For making the tire garden more mobile, you should first lay a sheet of semi rigid plastic on the ground before placing them. You can also paint the black and boring tyres using colorful and long stay paints. Make a stack of these tyres and use them for nurturing flower plants. It will beautify forlorn corners of your garden and elevate the appearance of your backyard.

Make DIY seats


The rubber tyres can also be used for making cozy seats on the porch or your living space. You can paint the rubber tyres in pretty and vibrant hues like melon, peppermint or cool blue. Fix one tire on the wall and put another one on the floor. You can lay a soft cushion like cover over each tyre.

Arrange some soft pillows in between to make this corner of the room more interesting and colorful. Rubber tyres can also be used to make decorative items, bags and storage units. You can make a storage unit by connecting two or three tyres vertically. Put the toys of your kids inside this DIY storage unit.

There are numerous ways of using old tyres for decorating your home. You can reuse old tyres in your garden, backyard or indoors. Be creative and find ways of using rubber tyres for inexpensively beautifying your home and garden.