Recycling Your Old Carpets to Support the Green Drive


Although old carpets can be recycled, we rarely see the carpet industry helping the cause. Thus, most of it goes to waste that further leaves its carbon footprint. It is important to reclaim waste carpet in order to reduce the impact on the environment. If you have some old carpets that are not being used anymore, then you may also recycle most of their components. In fact, various businesses have been using post-consumer carpets for reuse. Check out here some tips on recycling your old carpets.

Send to a recycling center

Recycling Your Old Carpets 1

Since carpets are bulky and heavy, many people do not want to tackle them for reuse. Thus, they throw them in bins. However, you can easily contact a local recycling center that can recycle your used carpets for other uses. It is not safe for the environment when you throw them as waste in bins, as carpets have petroleum-based components. Therefore, it is better that you do some online research to find out the contacts for a local recycling center and call them to ask about the procedure recycling. The government has set up many carpet reclamation sites. Thus, you should find a contact very easily. While contacting a recycling center, also check whether you would be required to drop off your carpets or these can be picked up.

Check with local dealers

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Many businesses reuse old carpets after recycling them. Depending on the carpet’s face fiber, they can break it down to create new products. Thus, you can contact your local dealers who might require old carpets for recycling and reuse. Many firms would be easily ready to pick up your used carpets if you stay close to their facilities. This option can be useful for both you and the dealer who can create new products out of your used carpets.

Donate or reuse

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Another option to recycle old carpets is to clean and break them to form things like animal shelter cover or cat scratchers. You may also reuse them for insulation or create mats out of them. If your carpets are in a new-like condition and you want to discard them for other reasons, then you may also think of donating them to a local charity, especially the one that specializes in home restoration. The can also get the carpets recycled for their own purposes, if required.

Contact your flooring company

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If you are going to replace your old carpets with new ones, then you may also contact your local flooring company from where you would like to buy your new carpets. Check with them whether they have removal options for old carpets too. While it might depend on their internal resources and locality, you can receive the benefits if they offer removal options for old carpets. In that case, they will replace your carpets and take away your old stuff for recycling. They can then use the recycled stuff as raw materials for fresh products.


There are several ways to get your old carpets recycled and reused. By getting them recycled, you are actually doing a big favor to the environment that is polluted due to such waste.

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