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REDUSE: Sustainable beverage dispensing system

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REDUSE is a unique beverage vending machine designed to promote eco-awareness amongst the future citizens of the world with an eye to intelligent waste management. It aims at canteen litter at school or colleges that is often a major concern for authorities as well as students’ hygiene. The disposable water cups and beverage bottles accumulate in piles around canteens turning into an eyesore and increasing harmful plastic waste. REDUSE can well prove to be a good contraption to promote litter abatement and recycling in school and college campus as well as curb plastic waste productively.

Casey Frett, industrial designer at Arizona State University has designed the project as an alternative to fountain drink dispensers that explores a sustainable system for waste management. The term REDUSE, Frett explains, is derived by joining the words “reuse” and “reduce.” It enlightens students and administrators on the importance of recycling and initiates environmental awareness among the future generations.

The machine works as an usual beverage vending machine, but comes fitted with stainless steel recyclable cups and a washing system that urges users to recycle and avoid spills and waste. Users are provided with options of reusing cups or opting for the REDUSE steel cups at attractive discounts. These cups are hygienically washed through autoclave technology. The discount system works to attract users towards recycling and reducing litter.

User selects his/her beverages of filtered water, flavored water or soda through an OLED touch screen. The beverage is dispensed through LED rays which allow spill proof allotment into any type of cup or bottle of the user’s choice. To facilitate payment, the students can use credit cards and get 96 hours through their ID cards via RFID technology, to dispense the cup or reuse it for other occasions.

Furthermore, the OLED screen remains switched off until the user is within two feet distance from the machine, prompting power conservation whereby reducing billing costs. Maintenance is facilitated by instant messaging systems and sensor detections. The machine works to promote a commitment towards the environment and helps immensely in reducing the campus waste production. Moreover, it can inculcate a greener attitude toward environmental conservation and natural sustainability.

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