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Redwood’s treehouse: A ‘green’ restaurant built on a tree

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A remarkable pine structure has been built by Pacific Environments which is actually a treehouse restaurant built atop Redwood trees at a height of 10m in Warkworth – northern Auckland, New Zealand. This amazing structure is a part of the advertising campaign by Yellow Pages and is wholly built out of sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

The restaurant has a very unique pod-like form and can be accessed through walkways (constructed from local Redwood) that have been provided at a low angle from ground-level making it convenient for wheelchairs too. The outer structure comprising of vertical slats and fins are made out of poplar and pine. The slats in the restaurant enable natural light to shine through – making it even more eco-friendly.

The treehouse restaurant is located at the end of the Redwood forest and overlooks a spectacular view of the sprawling meadows and sparkling streams with nature at its best! The treehouse has been the recipient of many awards such as the New Zealand Institute of Design’s Gold Award, the New Zealand Institute of Architects Branch Award, the Excellence Award from the New Zealand Institute of Building. It was also amongst the finalists at the 2009 World Architecture Awards.

This ‘green’ treehouse restaurant, that was earlier a part of a Yellow Pages campaign, has fulfilled its purpose and is now back in the hands of the land owner who hopes to convert it into a party place for hosting weddings etc.

Via: Inhabitat

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