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Reforest the planet with WaterDisxx

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Based on the Groasis waterboxx, the ingenious innovation designed to re-green the planet, the “WaterDisxx” is a tool that makes reforestation possible nearly anywhere. Designed to protect and nurture the seedling, this innovative concept features a 4 kg concrete ring at its bottom that keeps the WaterDisxx in place, a plastic base and cardboard inlay with seeds. There are different cardboard inlays containing different kinds of seeds and they dissolve to provide necessary nutrients to the seedlings. The protective plastic base collects the moisture from the condensed air or rain in its center to provide the seedlings with enough water.

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The brainchild of Roel Verhagen Kaptein, the WaterDisxx is designed to be easy to manufacture, transport and install. It is also possible to advertise on this mind-blowing product, attracting companies to promote their brand while contribute to a cause as noble as reforestation. The WaterDisxx will make reforestation of desert areas possible in an economical way.

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Via: Yanko Design