Can renewable energy actually displace the use of fossil fuels?

The present world is full of lusty gadgets, modern cars and lots of other things, but the worst problem with these is the pollution caused by fossil fuels required to generate electricity and run vehicles. Due to this, scientists have discovered renewable energy sources and invented machines to harness it but till the present date, renewable energy accounts to very less of the total consumption of the world. But can renewable energy take over fossil fuels?

According to the experts, this miracle can happen as renewable energy has no side effects and is totally clean and green, and is also an infinite source of energy. And why? The reason are mentioned below:

Advancements in the field of renewable energy

The present world is full of miracles of science. So many advancements have been made by scientists to allow easy harnessing of renewable energy. Japan is straining every nerve to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy. The nuclear reactor, biggest of its kind, produces 1014 MW of energy that can power a small state. The solar cars are recently showing their appeal to the common man and are rapidly taking over the petrol and diesel cars. All these factors promote a ray of hope to replace and save fossil fuel.

Amazing renewable energy replacing fossil fuels

Planet solar, the world’s first solar boat, can run completely on sun’s power having 38000 solar cells. Isn’t this amazing!! It is expected that by 2030, 50% of the boats will be solar power boats and won’t use fossil fuels. Although, it will cost 18M euros, but shall run for 200 years without expense. Solar cars that runs not on fossil fuels but on solar power and is the one of the most important way to replace fossil fuel energy. Also, joining this renewable energy revolution are creators and installers like Ploughcroft Renewable Energy.

Why do we need renewable energy?

We finally know that harnessing fossil fuels is very easy but if the regular rate of consumption continues, the gen next will find nothing left in the reserves for them. So we need sources that can be used by hundreds of generations to come. There is a wide scope for renewable energy and it shall definitely replace fossil fuels in the long run.

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