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Lean Belly Fat Course

The Lean Belly Fat Course is the brainchild of Bruce Krahn, personal trainer to celebrities, author of books about healthy lifestyles, and boss of several health websites. He devised the program in conjunction with a (deliberately anonymous) medical doctor. There’s no doubting his passion for and belief in this program, but is it really going to help people  drop fat, build muscle and increase their flexibility in a safe way, as he claims?

How does the Lean Belly Fat Course work?

Lean Belly Fat Course

It’s basically built on the idea that particular spices and herbs, along with plain and simple food can heal and nourish the body – leading to both weight loss where necessary, and even perhaps improvements in health for those with a chronic illness.

‘Balance’ is the most popular buzzword used throughout the program, which is aimed at those over 30 years of age. Losing weight is often difficult for people simply because they don’t have this mysterious balance. It certainly doesn’t involve exercise, as either none or just a couple of minutes of exercise a day is recommended.

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Is it a scam?

That’s hard to say. It does seem like the idea is genuine, but it is extremely difficult to find out too much about the Lean Belly program unless of course you buy into it. That could be a wise move, in place to protect the information others pay for, but it does raise suspicions in some folk, who point out:

– The lack of any physical address to tie to real people. (It’s not actually needed as all information is sent via PDF.)

– The links to Clinkbank, which means this is a product promoted by countless people known as affiliates who make cash from each purchase made via their link.

– The websites which promote it but lack any concrete information on exactly what it is or how it works.

What do we know

Lean Belly Fat Course

The Lean Belly course has nine parts. The first section lists foods said to: burn belly fat fast (including the mysterious herbs and spices often referred to), boost your sex life, or make you ill.

The middle phase concentrates on ways to lose weight, many of which are said to be pretty obvious to most people.

Finally, you get some heart and diabetes friendly recipes, meal ideas to boost your metabolism, and some videos to explain everything you just read.

Is it worth the investment?

Most of the information is something you already know or could easily read online on any basic diet and health site. Ironically, Krahn is criticized for taking common sense and simple advice and making it difficult to follow!

Tips and advice for those thinking about buying into the Lean Belly program


Read a book on the basics of healthy living and weight loss. That will tell you to not skip breakfast, sleep well, drink plenty of water and all the other gems this program seems to dress up to disguise its simplicity.

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