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RIKA Goes Innovative With Wood-burning Stove

It’s no good or pleasant an experience to cook on wood fuel. RIKA has gone innovative with a wood burning stove that not only will give the pleasantness of cooking, but also the comfort of a five-star hotel. And that too at a very little cost — Pellet stoves. It all starts as you light the fire. What you need to do next, is to just push a button or set the desired ignition time for when you want to have it lit. PREMIO does the rest on its own. You fill the extra-large pellet container once, and get up to 72 hours of continuous service. The automatic fuel supply, which is run by a clever electronic system, is connected to a thermostat. That is how RIKA’s Pellet stoves changes your concept of wood-fueled cooking. Heating with pellets is not only easy on the environment, but also serves it. Because of their purity the pellets burn so cleanly that the residual ash can be used as garden fertilizer.

Via: Treehugger & more