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River Algae Outbreak Gets in Anglers’ Way

didymo algae

An invasive algae is spreading in Arkansas dramatically. And its growth is thriving in one of the state’s top trout fishing waterways! Commonly known as didymo, the algae didymosphenia geminate was spotted in Arkansas in 2003. Since it is spreading in the prime trout fishing area downstream of Beaver Lake Dam, it is creating more of a stir. Its even baffling experts about how to stop the algae’s spread.

The didymo is one of the most primitive forms of life. It is white or brown and looks like wet tissue paper. Though the algae isn’t known to harm trout, it creates problems by getting in the way of anglers.

The state Trout Unlimited board member Bob Britzke said, “This is not a major outbreak yet, but it’s a symptom of what’s to come… It’s a nuisance. It interferes with fishing, and it looks horrible.”

Via: Environmental News Network