Home Eco Friendly Guide Rolling Through the Bay: An eye-appealing sculpture crafted using 100,000 toothpicks

Rolling Through the Bay: An eye-appealing sculpture crafted using 100,000 toothpicks


An artist can see art in just anything. Even the humble toothpick has not been spared. Scott Weaver has crafted a sculpture named “Rolling Through the Bay” by using 100,000 wooden toothpicks. The talented man has spent a good 35 years of his life to craft a detailed model of San Francisco.

The structure has ping pong balls that drop and roll in the model and pass through neighborhoods, historical locations, and landmarks of the city by the bay like Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge and the terraced houses on steep hills.

The artist

Scott Weaver has since his childhood days been attracted towards toothpicks. Born in San Francisco, Scott started making abstract from toothpicks at the age of 8 back in 1968. His passion turned crazier day by day as one fine day he added a ping pong ball to sculpture which could toll in it as well. A few years later in 1974 he again added a ping pong ball to a new sculpture which also had the Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard Street. All this motivated to create the absolutely amazing ‘Rolling Through the Bay’.

The inspiration

Scott’s biggest inspiration was the Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard Street crafted from matchsticks by him. One thing lead to the other and after investing a good 35 years of his life the alluring ‘Rolling Through the Bay ‘ came to life with ping pong balls adding an extra touch.

The material

The only material used in this eye-appealing creation is toothpicks and of course glue to keep them together. Toothpicks of various brands were exploited and knowing Scott’s interest even his friends used to gift him the same that they collected from various places all around the globe.

The artwork

The creation is nothing but awe-inspiring which will make your jaws drop. Though a lot of other artists have crafted sculptures using toothpicks but what make Scott’s artwork different are the exclusive kinetic components it comes with. Toothpicks that form the backbone of his creation have been collected from all around the globe and put together artistically with the help of glue. The project that consumed a whopping 3,000 hours approximately, consists of multiple tours that push ping pong balls all the way through historical locations, neighborhoods, and iconic symbols of San Francisco.

Green aspects

Toothpicks are natural products derived from wood and hence don’t harm our beautiful surroundings. No chemicals or toxins have been used to craft this form of art which makes it nothing but eco-friendly. The sculpture by Scott is a step ahead towards saving the environment through art.