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Rubble-Bubble is a great eco hideout!

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How often do you find yourself breaking your head on what best you can do with trash that you collect on clearing your garden? Gert Eussen, the man behind the most spectacular Rubble-Bubble made himself a perfect hideout with materials that were worth discarding; he got out while clearing up his garden for remodeling.

With just reclaimed pebbles and bricks, concrete tiles and recycled wood, he designed and structured the most amazing Rubble-Bubble. After several attempts for the most perfect home, Gert found himself happy with a sketch of a cone shaped dome that would be perfect to build with the material he was saving up in his backyard. Located right at his garden, Rubble-Bubble looks perfect with a natural and an overall rugged look. The door of this home, made out of recycled wood, adds to this look. A hut with a diameter 180 cm and height 205 cm, its foundation was dug into three layers from the ground level. Yet another fantastic feature of this building is the way the tiles are placed to make it completely water proof.

What is so unique about this beautiful eco-hut is the fact that it keeps it cool in the inside. Especially during summer months, Rubble-Bubble will keep the inside cool and moisture free. The ventilation facility from the top ensures that no moisture and dampness settles in. You will be probably taken aback by surprise to know, not even a single building material for this eco-hideout was bought from somewhere outside.

As we all still wonder how tedious it is to recycle waste to churn out something as amazing out of it, Gert Eussen makes it perfectly feasible and aims to reach greater heights with his revolutionary eco-hut concept.

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