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Ruben Constanco’s Leg-rest: Therapeutic stool for your feet!


Recycled furniture doesn’t always need to be boring. This reprocessed curvy stool, that combines style and functionality along with a storage space, will add character to any room.

Working on the philosophy of recycle, reuse and rethink in the wake of environmental degradation, industrial designer Ruben Constanco fabricated this piece of furniture by utilizing used materials as part of his college project.


The brief project was to create a furniture with a slot for belongings by using an old and used material. Ruben chose MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard, also called particleboard) and cork sandwich to give shape to his creation. However, Ruben soon realized that he was unable to bend the material and so, he cut the sandwiches in curved shapes to add a fluid shape to the product. The next step was to stack them together in parallel position and fix with 4 big screw bars, bolts and stoppers. Thus he infused the double curve, which helped incorporating a niche for magazines or a blanket.

Recycled furniture market is booming as more and more people are realizing the urgent need to save the planet. Coupled with this, we often outgrow certain furniture pieces. But, instead of totally discarding the pieces as they attach some emotional value, we want to remodel them without spending a lot of money. Here, enter the designers who can remold the existing ones into a contemporary piece.


This remarkably beautiful leg stool by Ruben looks very modern, and its fluid structure has elevated it to the status of a furniture art while its functional aspects add to its charm. So when ‘go green’ is the buzz word and you want to do your bit to save the planet, Ruben’s leg rest stool will fit the bill and let you literally put your feet up and relax after a day’s hard work.

Via: Behance