Home Eco Friendly Guide RUZway concept utilizes solar power to rule urban lanes

RUZway concept utilizes solar power to rule urban lanes

ruzway people mover system

An anonymous developer from the S V National Institute of Technology in Surat, India, has come up with an urban, multi modal transit concept that powers itself by solar-tracking hybrid photovoltaic electric system. Dubbed as RUZway, the system utilizes a multi modular vehicle named Gibird that can run on normal roads, in mixed traffic or special dedicated corridors. Moreover, it is perfectly feasible to look toward the guide ways and elevated low cost track guided tracks.

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The ultralight vehicle flaunts low rolling resistance power drive system The flexible transit system does not interfere with down town traffic since it is elevated on slim pillars erected by piling any construction technique. The tailor-made design makes the concept very cost effective. RUZway consists of monorail, Duo rail or Quadra rail, in which one-vehicle runs on the track while others are below the track in suspended mode.