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SANYO’s Next-Generation Battery to Replace Dry Cells

This November 14 the technology market will witness a new next-generation nickel metal hydride battery. It is named ‘eneloop’. This is announced by the world leader in rechargeable batteries SANYO Electric Co. Ltd. This is the first product based on SANYO’s new vision, ‘Think GAIA’. Proposing a new lifestyle, this product is one that steel us of the idea of disposing batteries. The battery is rechargeable. Once charged, it can be used repeatedly, and once used completely, it can be recycled. To promote this kind of new battery lifestyle, SANYO developed a world first*1 rechargeable battery that can be used like a dry cell battery -‘immediately after purchase’. Based on its new vision ‘Think GAIA’, SANYO claimed to be simultaneously pursuing solutions for a comfortable living and consideration for the environment. It would continue providing ‘Global Energy Solutions’ and ‘LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) Solutions’.

Via: JCN Network