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Classic games made from recycled wood and plastic bags

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We are whip lashing nature with every plastic we consume. It is inadvertent you can say, if given a chance will you take the responsibility to undo the irreversible harm done? It’s a yes, I assume. Then kick start promoting, eco-friendly board games, an innovative concept brought out by Peter Toomey, the brainchild behind the invention of “GoGreenGames”. He offers eco-friendly classic games like checkers, Jenga and horseshoes which made use of recycled wood and plastic bags.

The designer

Peter Toomey, is a Texas-based Deck builder. This creative thinker is making the best use of the waste which is consuming up our environment slowly and steadily. He has invented a method to recycle leftover composite deck boards and plastic bags, to produce an incredibly, commendable board games collection called “GoGreenGames”

Interesting facts

• Classic games made from recycled wood and plastic bags
• With every game built, 31 plastic bags are kept off the landfills, thus slowly removing a toxic waste from nature.
• Interesting, commendable and environment friendly
• A brilliant idea that solves multiple issues

The creation

Something that we normally throw away when utilized to create eco friendly games is a creation that deserves lots of appreciation. Plastic bags directly contribute in harming our environment when thrown after its utilization. So, Peter Toomey thought of using this waste plastic in a more responsible way. He has created classic games like checkers, Jenga and horseshoes, all created from recycled wood and plastic bags. It is claimed that for each board created under the flagship of “GoGreenGames”, 31 plastic bags, recycled wood and leftover composite deck boards are utilized. Thus slowly reducing the accumulation of plastics in landfills.

The aesthetics

One single GoGreenGames = 31 plastic bags, stopped from harming the environment!
The process of manufacture involves eco-friendly methods all along the production, thus living up to its eco-friendly tag from the production shop till your doorstep.
Moreover, what better way to play a classic game of chess, checkers, jenga etc. wearing your pride on your sleeve that you have done your bit to save the environment and undo the harm done in a and fun-filled way!

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