Home Eco Friendly Guide Saving energy at home while going for a vacation

Saving energy at home while going for a vacation

by DrPrem Jagyasi

We go out on vacations with our family to bring in some newness and forget all stress and strains of life for some time. Vacations are a way to reinvigorate ourselves, so we just pack our things and rush out for our destination. Sometimes people rush so much that they forget to make some home adjustments that help keep energy wastage at bay while you are out for a vacation. You ought to send electronics and other appliances in your home also on vacation if you want to reduce energy wastage and to prevent your home from hazards. Following are some energy saving adjustments one must make while leaving home for a vacation:

Unplug electronics and appliances

Unplug electronics

While leaving home all alone before setting out on a vacation you go and check for electronics and switch them off, thinking that they will no more use electricity. Well, this is just half done because unless you plug out an electronic or appliances completely off its plug point, it continues consuming electricity. Ensure that your television, lamps, music system, phone charger, electric kettle, electric razor, digital clocks, or any other device that runs on electricity is unplugged from the main point so that they do not get to consume even the least amount of electricity in your absence.

Lights with a timer

Lights with a timer

One basic trick that many people use to befool burglars is to leave a light or two switched on while they are out for a vacation. It is to signal burglars that it is not a home alone but someone is staying in. Trick is nice form the robbery point of view but not from the environmental point of view, as the light is on for the number of days you are out and that too 24/7. It is sheer energy wastage; especially today, when you get timed lights that illuminate your home for a specific period you time it, and automatically switch off. A smart trick keeps burglars away and prevents energy wastage.

Drape your windows

Drape your windows

If you plan vacationing in summers, ensure you draw curtains and shade your windows before leaving. This tip is viable for vacationing in winters also, as the drapes on the windows do not allow excess heat or cold inside. When you come back home, you do not need do a lot of heating or cooling because the room temperature itself is moderate, thanks to those drapes on your windows.

Water Heater


People usually ignore their water heater settings until the time they continue getting hot water for their bath. Your water heater is an energy hog, so you must consider its functioning and should try to save electricity by timing it. Especially when you are going out for some days, do not forget to shut off the circuit breaker to the water heater, or turn off the gas valve if yours is a gas water heater. These steps seem to be too simple but they have some significant results, as it saves electricity and eliminate the risk of fire hazards. Imagine you are out and some technical problem or bad weather conditions put the electronics on fire at your home. You can avoid this situation by turning off all the electrical appliances.

Your refrigerator, heating or cooling system, or some other small appliances in your home continue using electricity even when you are out for vacations, which is a sheer waste. One must consider this before leaving home and should turn off electrical appliances so that no electricity waste happens at your home.