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School kids create amazing greenhouse using discarded plastic bottles

by DrPrem Jagyasi


The growing pollution all around the world elucidates the fact that we are facing a major environmental crisis. Burning fossil fuels, combustion of lead based fuels, oil spills and plastics are very much contributing to the pollution levels. The toxic fumes and water are not only destroying the environment but also turning into a major health hazard. Looking over the destruction of the environment, many campaigns have already been launched to spread awareness among people. Small schoolchildren have launched one such campaign at the Stepney City Farm. As part of this project, kids collected plastic bottles and used them to build a greenhouse. This eco-friendly idea is a unique and promising step towards inspiring kids to take up issues like recycling and waste management. Kids from four different primary schools in Tower Hamlets have collected around 2,000 plastic bottles for the greenhouse.

As plastics are non-biodegradable material, it is quite impossible to decompose them because of which they are one of the main causes of land and water pollution. The burning of plastics is quite responsible for the production of toxic materials, so the idea of making something environmental friendly with the help of plastic bottles is quite fascinating.

The children chose the Stepney City Farm as the ideal destination for building the greenhouse. This project is mainly contributed to encouraging kids toward environmental protection and awareness and as they worked in a farm and learned some new things, which further made them well connected with the place. With learning, they also enjoyed work and kept coming back to the work. The construction of the greenhouse was completed on March 22nd of this year and it was unveiled in front of 150 people. The finished product is quite beautiful and to add some extra greenery, now the kids will sow seeds and grow plants in the greenhouse.