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Schwarzenegger makes his hummers eco friendly

Arnold Schwarzenegger definitely needs no formal introduction as this man has made his mark in not one but many fields. Arnold happens to be a well known actor plus he is also a pro body builder and he is also an active politician. Schwarzenegger has recently been in the news regarding his campaign to go green. Environment has been facing numerous threats these days from serious issues such as pollution and deforestation. Therefore it is high time that the people realize their responsibilities towards the planet and start saving the earth. There are many ways to go ahead and save the planet and Arnold Schwarzenegger has initiated one of them.


Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous for many things and one of them is his collection of hummers. Hummers are big vehicles almost like a truck and Arnold really admired his collection of these huge means of transport. However, these great hummers have a major drawback for the environment as they pose a big threat. These vehicles contribute big time to the global warming which is definitely no treat to the planet. Arnold Schwarzenegger devoted himself to the cause of saving the planet since the year 2006 when he made the decision to give up six of his hummers.

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Hummers and Arnold were like inseparable but the love for the environment won and the governor said good bye to his six hummers. Only one hummer was left with Arnold which he converted into an eco friendly vehicle recently. You might have difficulty in placing both eco friendly and hummer in the same sentence but that is in fact what happened. A hummer too can be transformed into an environment friendly vehicle. When Arnold Schwarzenegger campaigned for the post of governor he made a promise to the folks that he will do anything to reduce the level of pollution in California and he definitely did what he promised.


Arnold recently spent a lot of money in order to convert the hummers into green vehicle by making it run on Hydrogen. The environment is facing serious threats and steps need to be taken if we wish to live in a clean and healthy world. Arnold Schwarzenegger was recently in Austria in order to initiate a new environmental project; R20 Regions of Climate Action which also aims to extend a helping hand to European Union and the United Nations to fulfill the environmental objectives.


The actor told the people about his recent eco friendly activity while in California. Converting the diesel using hummer into an eco friendly vehicle was a big step in saving the environment. The governor said that he is still in love with his hummers but the only thing that has changed is the fuel that gave them power as the current one is friendly to the planet. We have certain responsibilities towards the environment and they must be fulfilled at every cost. Arnold also stated that he had respect for environment since he was a little kid and adopted sustainability from that time only.



The actor also said that there must be a more interesting approach to the eco friendly methods so that more and more people get enticed by them and begin to adopt them in their lives. Saving the environment is not a one person’s job and every individual have to do his bit so that the world becomes a better place to live. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s way of saving the environment is welcomed by the people in a very nice manner. More and more people must come forward with new and interesting ways to save the planet and make it even more beautiful than it already is.