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Scott Bain’s Taxidermy Insects- Bringing Nature’s Plea to Human Ears

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In our day to day destruction spree, we often remain quite oblivious of our misdemeanors towards nature. May it be by means of using pesticides, genetic modifications, or massive urban expansions. Time and again, Nature has been taken for granted, often stretched to a point where it has given way to unruliness and backfired to an extent where humans have had to suffer the consequences of their doings. Scott Bain’s creations, Micromachina, provide a small insight into how badly we have treated nature and how we still don’t seem to learn from our mistakes. These interesting pieces of art are made from beetle, cockroach, plastic figures, resin figures and other found objects.

The designer

Scott Bain, a 35 + Computer veteran, resides in Seattle. His domain of expertise lies in developing patterns for Agile Developers, Advanced Software Design TDD. He has imparted training in classrooms and initiated distance learning courses as well.

The creation

This is just a small step by the designer to throw some light into the destruction being caused by humans to everything around us. By converting taxidermy beetles- insect and machine, the designer has tried to depict how we as humans would stop at just about nothing to get our way out. It would surely not be long when Mother Nature would be reduced to a pile of ashes and all that would be left would be memories. Micromachina is a brilliant collection that pops out of beetle, cockroach, plastic figures resin figures and other found objects.

The aesthetic

Using taxidermy beetles as mechanized shells, the designer has creatively tried to get his message across to not one but all of us to start caring for nature in all its entirety. The dimensions of the creations can go up to 15cm by 12.5 cm in length and breath respectively.

Via: Behance