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Sculptures made from old hardware parts

black widow spider

What is it?

Creativity can come in any form. It is not necessary that it should be machine made and the shapes and sizes can amaze you nevertheless. Kent’s sculpturines, as he fondly likes to call his figurine sculptures, are just this. Hand-made, without a trace of any machine work on them, all of Kent’s figures have been made with hardware parts and are individually hand crafted. Owing to this, no two figures would be identical. Unique in their style, and stylish in their demeanor, owing a Kent’s sculpture is an honor not bestowed on all.

The artist:

The miniature metallic sculptures have been designed by Kent, who claims that his work is unique and no two sculptures would ever look alike. All his work is individually hand crafted and is state-of-the-art figurines.

The inspiration:

Using hardware parts like nuts, bolts, screws, bike chains each of the miniature metal sculptures are classy in their own way and prove to be a must have for the aesthetically inclined.

The artwork:

Kent’s work caters to not only animal forms, but to a lot of other things as well. A l’il scooter, which is till date his best art piece, had been under production for a good two years before it was perfected and made available for sale. With a total production of 50 bikes in the past 26 years, only a few remain available till date.

Another decorative item is the chopper measuring 11″ long, 2″ wide, and 6″ high and weighing 1.5 pounds. Plated in beautiful satin nickel, the chopper is an exquisite decorative piece of art.
If you are looking for a little larger sculpture, then you can go for the Mama Elephant. Measuring 11 inches in length, 4 inches in width and 5 inches in height, its weight is around 5 pounds. The elephant has been crafted with pipe fittings and has tusks made of walnut picks. The ears have been devised out of spoons and the trunk made out of bike chain. For the legs and the tail, large bolts and small horseshoe nails have been used. This devious piece of art is available for $15.

The Black Widow Spider is the best amongst all the pieces by Kent. With only the use of finishing nails and hex nuts, Kent has captured the intimidating aura of the black widow. Each of the spiders has been crafted with a lot of care and precision and they are signed by the artist before sale. Each spider measures approximately 5″ long, 4″ wide and 3″ high. They weigh about 2 oz. You can buy this art work for $8.00 USD. Be assured each spider is as unique as the other and has been hand crafted, painted and then sold. As of now, the designer has only two pieces to offer from his kitty.

Green aspects:

Along with being beautiful pieces, they have been made from discarded pieces of nuts, bolts, screws which are easily available as junk and which otherwise would have been discarded. Combining them with a lot of care, precision, and molding them into shapes as per his desire, he has added an extra bit of personal touch to his designer pieces.