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SDE Energy builds Israel’s first tidal power plant in Jaffa

tidal power plant in jaffa

The ancient port city of Jaffa recently saw the installation of a new tidal energy plant in its historical harbor. The plant built by Israeli tidal wave energy firm S.D.E. is its first large scale sea wave power plant that can produce 60 KWh of energy. The firm plans to expand the plant to 50MW and claims that it will not only provide cost efficient renewable electricity to the port, but also prevent the erosion of the breakwater usually caused by high wave.

The fully automated new plant has just 10 percent of it in the water in order to minimize the risk of damage to the system by storms and other natural disasters. The company offers a cost-effective solution as erecting a 1MW S.D.E’s power station would require a mere $650,000, which is quite affordable as compared to other comparable stations. SDE has also signed an agreement with Israel’s Electric Company to sell the electricity from the new plant at just 12 cents per KW. The company claims that its system is capable of supplying 500 times more electricity than required by the whole world population.

Via: Green Prophet

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