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How to make a seed bomb

Seed Bombs

If you hate the vacant slots by the side of the road and want to put some flowers there, but you are afraid of being arrested, then a seed bomb is the right thing for you. Yes, a seed bomb, which is cheap as compared to buying plant transplants, easy to make, natural, organic and you can cover a large area within a short span of time. If you make it properly, they are completely self-automated.

By definition, a seed bomb is a grenade made from seeds, egg boxes, water, and compost, which can help you to green wasteland and other neglected areas. This is basic weapon for Guerilla Gardeners. These gardeners work on a land with some average tools if the access to the land is easy, if the access is difficult or there are legal actions included, then they use seed bombs. This is a simple and quick way to propagate seeds to a large area.

Difficulty Level:


Time required:

2 to 3 hours

Things required:

a. Powdered clay

b. Water

c. Seeds, native to your area

d. Compost/Worm castings

e. Container

Things to keep in mind:

a. While adding water in the mixture, make sure that the mixture should be little more fluid then the usual because it only has to be strong enough to hold the seed until the bomb is thrown.

b. After adding the water, remove the seeds that float.

c. Then you have to leave the mixture for an hour or for overnight.


1) Mix 5pt worm castings, 5pt powder clay, and 1pt seeds in a container. Pour some water in the container and leave it for a while, may be for an hour or for the whole night.

2) Roll the mixture into balls using your hands. Alternatively, you can use the egg cartoons or old cotton stockings, where you can pinch the mixture in the space given.

3) Let the balls dry in the sun for 3-4 days and you will be ready with a seed bomb.

4) Throw the bomb in the fields where you want to see the plants for which you have added the seeds.