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Seedbom: Just throw one to grow one

Seedboms by Darren Wilson

The ‘Seedbom’ is a creation by Kabloom – a small-scale Scottish enterprise that are engaged in manufacturing products to help create awareness towards the environment. Seedboms are essentially eco-friendly grenades or bombs (as they appear so in the first instant) but are constructive rather than destructive – as they contain all the vital nutrients that are needed to grow beautiful flowers even if you do not have a green thumb. All you need to do is take these Seedboms and become a ‘green’ guerrilla warrior and throw these Seedboms in wasteland areas that lack the necessary flora and look lifeless.

These Seedboms are made organically with various environmental-friendly, waste materials such as shredded paper waste, old egg cartons, organic compost, organic fertilizer and locally-found materials (such as coir,tea bags etc.) along with flower seeds that can easily bloom under odd conditions. There are four different varieties of flower-seeds that are contained in the Seedboms namely – cornfield, native wildflower, Nasturtium Peach Melba and sunflower incredible. Seedboms are a great way to spruce up your neighborhood and over the course of time, they break up and merge with the soil with blooming flowers. So make your surroundings colorful and green with the Seedbom – just throw one to grow one!

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