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Selecting eco-friendly shoes made easy

by DrPrem Jagyasi

In the recent time, we talk about global warming, carbon footprint, greenhouse effects and many other environmental topics. Though we proclaim to be aware of the consequences of carbon footprint, we do not take proper measures to work for it. We make vows to go green these days yet we have not accepted environmentally friendly products completely. Though we have started using eco-friendly clothes, we don’t actually bother about the shoes to be eco-friendly. Leather shoes take up to 45 days to get decomposed whereas rubber shoes take up to 80 years. Some estimates say, sneakers take around 1000 years to get completely decomposed. This is a huge concern for the ecologists to make people aware of the consequences of using these shoes.


Many have been opting for vegan shoes these days to keep animal products out of the system. Sanuk, an eco-friendly shoe manufacturer has brought out new designs of flip flops, beach sandals and surf sandals. They also design few leather offerings and some shoes made of non-recycled materials.

The Beer Cozies use recycled yoga mats to design the foot bed, which is eco-friendly and vegan as well. The Recycled and Sustainable Trade Alliance (R.A.S.T.A) has been concentrating on designing shoes using sustainable latex, hemp uppers, recycled tire outsoles and recycled PET liners.

Colorful Grass is a shoe manufacturing company that proclaims to produce environmentally friendly and fashionable shoes and accessories. The team of designers has taken almost two years in exploring the customer expectations from the eco-friendly shoes. They found that the customers wanted vegan shoes, recycled soles, fashion shoes beyond sandals. They also wanted eco shoes that are stylish and having a metropolitan style and most of all comfortable eco shoes that can be dressed up and/or worn with casual wardrobes. Thus, Colorful Grass started designing those eco-friendly shoes taking customer requirement to count.

If you want to own the shoes that are truly one-of-a-kind, you may go for the infinitely interchangeable eco-friendly sandals from mohop. The Chicago-based architect Annie Mohaupt started designing these shoes 6 years ago. These sandals are made to order and you also get an opportunity to customize the look of the shoes according to your wish. As the price of these shoes are on a higher side, moshop has also started designing the affordable collections of a ready-to-wear line this spring featuring three styles – low ebony thong, mid walnut wedge and the high cherry wedge. These shoes are produced of wood from Malaysian rubber trees.

You should take an extra step to become eco-friendly by recycling or repurposing your old shoes.