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Self-powered prefabricated chicken coop to give eco-treatment to livestock

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Peleg/Burshtein Architects and landscape architect Nathan Gulman succeeded in impressing the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to win the recent competition organized by the ministry. The competition invited designers to present designs for the upgrading of inefficient and polluting family-run chicken coops in Galilee. The winners proposed the design of a sleek, prefabricated, renewable energy powered chicken coop.

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The chicken coop suggested is a wind tunnel-like structure that offers the much required constant ventilation in the hot climate. The 200-foot-long, prefabricated layer farm incorporated features like solar panels and a wind farm to provide renewable energy. Vegetation is what you will get to see on its exterior. In order to produce some more green energy, the coop, water tanks, silos, egg storage and a waste-treatment system inside the structure convert chicken manure into biofuel.

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This beautiful chicken coop is an eco-friendly answer to small, obsolete, unsafe and polluting henhouses. The local farmers seem to be a little reluctant with this design, but the Israeli Ministry sees it as a guide their future farms. You might soon get to see the same design in the UK, thanks to Plus, Agrotop, a large industrial-chicken-farm manufacturer.

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Via: Inhabitat