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Selling fabulous recycled plastic totes for medical assistance in Kenya

Recycled Plastic Bags

Coco Chanel very famously said, “Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Nothing could be more true. After seeing these totes woven from recycled plastic bags, you are bound to look for a deeper meaning in Coco’s words. Ryan Clements, a noted designer has come up with the concept of weaving totes out of plastic bags. The catch is that he got this idea after seeing the depressing conditions of the Giota Garbage Slum in Nakuru of Kenya. His endeavor is supported by Fashion. Love, Africa and also many of his famous friends including noted designer sisters Danni and Jodie Snyder (in the picture) of Dannijo Jewelry.

The Gioata Garbage Slum consists of 140 families and 300 children who struggle for food, shelter, clothing etc. If that is not all, the slum is pulping with rape, prostitution, abuse, and grave diseases with more than half of the population being HIV positive. To help this slum, Clements came up with the idea of providing a source of income to the women by selling their handiwork. What makes his idea better is that it is a ecofriendly step. The use of discarded plastic waste to make bags is something, which very few could think of. It reduces both unemployment and the astounding amount of garbage. What’s more, the plastic bags do not pollute the environment instead they adorn our arms.

The raw material is provided by the women in the community. Once gathered, the plastic bags cleaned and disinfected. Then the artistic ability of the women comes into play. The artisans weave the bags with designs like stripes, tweed and even faux zebra print. Priced at $50 per bag, $10 per sold piece goes to development projects on education, child care, healthcare etc. This sum is in addition to the basic charges offered to the women for weaving the bags. Not only is this a noble project, but also a green one. Imagine creating a style statement out of those non recycled plastics, which are hazardous to the earth. Apart from this, the bags are named after the eight women who designed them. Call it branding or sheer sweet gesture, the idea is definitely good. This project by Clement is undoubtedly his gift to the world, with love.

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