Senescent desk gardening furniture made by Love Hulten

Senescent desk is a built-in garden furniture. It is made up of untreated wood that react strongly to the environment. It is a project about how the natural change happens in the environment without maintenance and it is a story about interaction. The Senescent desk is a piece of wood that works as a gardening system, which is self sufficient. It is based on a water tank, number of fans mostly two in number, mist makers and a growth substrate material which is made from recycled plastic along with digital time.

Senescent Desk

Senescent desk is created by Gothenburg, who is Sweden-based designer named Love Hulten. The idea behind Senescent desk is changing over time. The vegetation of Senescent desk is going to be flourished, even without the need of human.

In the designing of Senescent desk, untreated wood is utilized in order that the wood itself is changing over time because of the reaction with the environment. The garden made at the top of the table on the back portion of the table gives and shows a serene ambiance. This effect of serene ambiance would calm the most stressed-out person.

If you are having this desk in your office, then Senescent desk gives you natural surrounding feeling in your office. According to the survey, workers and employees working in such environment where they found plants and art around them are 15 percent more productive in comparison with those work in spartan spaces. Senescent desk gives Mother Nature’s touch with little modernity. Senescent desk requires no human interaction in order to flourish.

The most important and true aspect about the self sufficient garden furniture is that it is designed in such a way to make change over the time which terms as a interesting aspect about it.

Love Hulten has made use of untreated wood because it can be able to react in a strong manner to its inside environment. Senescent desk is ridiculously efficient and creates natural environment in your office. This project of senescent desk is a mini, lush self sufficient garden. It is not a zen garden, but it can be as well. Commercially, this project is not for sale. It gives an illustrative and creative way in a work space around plants and art that exists.

If some greenery are added to lift the spirit, Senescent desks need not to be drab workspaces as they usually are. Swedish designer Love Hulten integrates a small system called miniecosystem that completes with all features of gardening.

The concept of senescent desk is simple which creates relational and sensory overlaps within garden and user which is liked particularly in the library style light source. It serves plants as well as users.

The design of the Senescent desk encourages the biodegradable artifact nature. Anyone can love the aesthetic effect of the schoolhouse desk in a little educational manner like exposed rocks. This design is set up to low maintenance and is functional also in terms of lovely and hassle free way in everyone’s routine of work.

Via: Trendhunter

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