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Seven historic buildings in UK to get a green makeover

plas newydd

The National Trust in Wales is all set to give a green makeover to some historic buildings in the UK, in an attempt to bring down the energy consumption and fossil fuel utilization by a whopping 50percent. The first structure out of the seven mansions and castles that the trust will revive is Plas Newydd in Anglesey. Rockwool, an insulation firm will help to breathe new life into the 18th Century house.

The mansion’s roof will covered with nearly 486 rolls of insulation. The National Trust claims a total of 2,000 m2 of fleecy insulation roll will help in saving power as well as money. Once the green makeover is complete, the Plas Newydd will produce 30,000kg less carbon. Initially sheep’s wool was being considered for the insulation, but looking at the fact that Rockwool material is recyclable, fire resistance and offers high thermal insulation the choice shifted to the later. All the seven historic structures that will get this eco-friendly transformation, while maintain the historical integrity of the properties.

Via: GreenBuildingPress