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Seven Year Pen

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Hidden within The 7-Year Pen is a jumbo ink cartridge. This large reservoir allows it to hold substantially more ink than a traditional ballpoint pen. The Swiss-made 7-Year Pen can write an average of 5.5 feet per day for 2,555 days that’s over 2.6 miles before running out of ink.

Rather than join 100 millions pens discarded every day, this eco-friendly alternative reduces waste and promises to last at least seven years. With a sleek, modern design, the Seven Year Pen will surely be your best investment. The long-life writing tip and high quality materials will outlast even some of the most expensive pens on the market. It has seven year life span. It has got super smooth black ink. It can write up to 5.5 feet per day for seven years. It has got retraceable and medium point tip. Portion of sales is donated to environmental causes. Dimensions of this pen 5.5″ x 0.375″ diameter. So grab this pen that can not only help you to save money but can save the environment as well.

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