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Severe US floods kill 9, evacuating 200,000

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With the north-eastern United States suffering from its worst flooding in years, at least nine people have been killed. The flood in north-eastern Pennsylvania alone forced up to 200,000 people to evacuate. Waters on the Susquehanna River is still rising.

Across large parts of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania states, a state of emergency has been declared. Days of torrential rain along the east coast gave rise to the deluge.

Ordered by New York Governor George Pataki, the largest evacuation effort was taking place in Pennsylvania’s Wilkes-Barre, where rising waters were expected to crest a few feet from the top of the 41ft (12.3m) levees that protects the town from Susquehanna’s rising waters.

The governor claims to have seen the worst flooding in his 12 years in the job.

Via: BBC