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Shanghai’s 6.7MW BIPV solar system is up and running

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All set to shine on bright eco-horizon with the proposed installation of 20GW of solar energy capacity and 100GW of wind power by 2020, the Chinese government has initiated the process while inaugurating the world’s largest building integrated photovoltaic solar system installed on awnings on both sides of Shanghai’s newly built Hongqiao railway station. The 6.7MW BIPV solar system has begun feeding the grid with renewable energy from its 20,000 solar panels embedded on a 61,000sqm roof area.

The Beijing-based China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group looks forward to develop 13 solar projects with a combined capacity of 280MW in the western regions. Recently, it has also completed another 2.2MW BIPV system at the Wuhan Station of the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway connected to the national grid in May.

Via: RechargeNews