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Shelf Made from Recycled Skateboards

by DrPrem Jagyasi

This DVD and CD storage furniture is specially designed to fit your movies and music. You can see and grab your CDs from open shelves with ease if compared to closed storage that offers a little more protection for your favorites. Good CD and DVD storage gives your favorite music and movies their own home, where they are tidy and out of harm’s way and you can find them easily.


Here we have a special and sweet shelf for CD, DVD or pocket books made from recycled skateboard. It is also available in different colors. This stand is an ideal for storing DVDs, CDs, pocket sized books and other things (objects not exceeding 19cm). It is a strong shelf as each skateboard has been selected to support heavy objects. It is a handmade product which is made from the materials like recycled skateboards, steel, wood and aluminum.

It is a perfect case for your stuff; you can happily pop the popcorn and make yourself comfortable on sofa because you will always know where you put your DVDs of your favorite movies. We have a choice of different colors, shapes, size and styles so you are sure to find something that suites you.

This is essentially a handmade product recycled from waste material. It is an eco product made from recycling process. This is an ideal CD and DVD shelf, which will protect your CD and DVD collection from all type of damage. If you want to buy this product then it is available online for just $126.32.

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