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Artist turns scrap into exquisite ship replicas

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The biggest challenge faced in this electronic era is managing the disposal of electronic wastes like old mobiles, computers and other computer accessories so that it does not further pollute our mother nature. Adding to the woes is the disposal of old wooden items and furniture and plastic items. An artist has found an answer for this challenge. He transforms such scraps to make replicas of some of the famous sea vessels.

The artist

John D. Taylor, a landscape architect with a great fascination for ships has come out with an eco-friendly idea of turning junk into treasure. He has used copper wire, staples, old chairs, computer chips, nails, hockey sticks and others to give us a unique artistic form of sea vessels replicas.

The inspiration

He had an obsession with ships ever since he noticed a photograph of his great grandpa on the decks of a ship used in the Spanish-American war. He grew up with this obsession and made his passion. Now, with these old photographs he has produced replicas of some of the old vessels using only scrap as raw material. He made his garage in San Juan Capistrano as his workshop to convert the trash into these exquisite art pieces.

The material

Computer chips, drift wood, staples, copper wire, nails, lawn chairs, hockey sticks and any old items with a tattered look are used for making these replicas.

The artwork

John Taylor, a self-taught artist knows the magic of transforming scrap wood, computer parts, hockey sticks and various other discarded materials into unique replicas of famous sea vessels. Generally he creates imperfect models of the old ships and river boats used in the Civil War or World War II in a 3 to 5 feet long piece. The uniqueness of his artifacts lies in their tattered look. He creates these pieces to give a feeling of the ships fished out from the wreck or bottoms of the oceans. Thus he converts buckets of junk and trashes into art pieces which is a way of reminding the good old days.

Green aspects

• Unlike most of the artifacts, these are made of the unwanted materials – hence it is an easy and artistic way of making use of the scrap.
• It favors the environment which otherwise gets polluted and destroyed by means of the improper methods of disposing the electronic wastes and other discarded material.
• As an art piece made out of trash, it emphasizes the importance of recycling and reusing.
• Being show pieces, it not only satisfies our artistic searches but also reminds us of green practices.
• It takes us through a nostalgic journey to the past showing the ship building knowledge of the olden days.

Via: OddityCentral