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Shoebox Dwelling You Say? Amazing Micro Apartments to Pleasantly Surprise You

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Call them micro apartments or shoebox dwellings, small apartments are increasingly the norm for people living in space challenged cities. These shoebox dwellings can be transformed into visually much larger apartments through the clever use of modular furniture and other storage tricks, utilizing vertical spaces, and so on. In fact, these apartments actually surprise a lot of people by the ingenuity and brilliant innovative designs that can be seen. The small size doesn’t seem to matter anymore, and you would willingly live in such interesting spaces. Take a look at some of our micro apartment picks:

Art nouveau micro apartment in Berlin

The Spamroom studio in Berlin under the guidance of architect John Cross transformed a 226 sq-ft flat into a beautiful space by constructing a central bathroom and kitchen unit. The material used was pine and above the central unit, a lofted bedroom was created, which can be reached by a steel staircase, which also delineates the space between the entrance hall and kitchen.

Carmel Place, New York

Carmel Place, located in the much coveted Kips Bay in New York, is home to some stunning micro apartments. These apartments are minimalist, offering serenity in New York’s bustling life. The apartments maximize the in-built storage in an unobtrusive way, which give them an uncluttered and sleek look. The flooring is light hardwood which matches beautifully with the white on the walls and custom made Italian cabinets. The huge windows let in ample light and air, and you’d hardly notice the tiny space.

Moda 17, Washington DC

These condos are located at Adams Morgan, a hip neighborhood in Washington DC. The hardwood oak flooring and the modern design complement each other. The highlight of these apartments are the European kitchens with their creative and effective storage spaces. In-built pocket doors and beds which fold down make most of the 355 sqft space. Each unit also has a rooftop space reserved for each resident which can be used to keep patio furniture, allowing residents to get fresh air and enjoy an aerial view of the neighborhood.

Rental pad in Budapest

These micro apartments were designed by the design firm Position Collective and are really cute and have everything one can want arranged expertly in a tiny space – 322 sq ft. Modular shelves and storage units made of plywood maximize the living area. These rental pads designed for AirBnB are smart and desirable.

Micro apartment with a cozy nook

This 388 sqft shoebox apartment which uses a partition wardrobe with shelves also has an interesting cozy nook. Located in Sydney and designed by the firm Catseye Bay, is a stunning example of a micro apartment which offers as much as possible to the residents.

Attic reclaimed micro apartment, Paris

The Parisians are experts at designing micro apartments and this 160 sqft apartment designed from an attic, by design studio Batiik Studio, has a slide away bed which can be slid away when not in use, to provide as much space as the resident requires.

Bright and spacious micro apartment in Osaka

Shimpei Oda, a Japanese architect renovated a 388 sqft using different materials for the flooring to include a covered balcony. The home is spacious and bright and the design is really ingenious!

86 sqft apartment in Paris

This apartment may not be in a shoebox, but at 86 sqft is equally small. It’s a converted storage closet and the tiny home, designed by Kitoko Studio, uses the in-wall storage, sliding doors and drawers optimally. The soothing colors add another dimension to the teeny home, and make it look bigger than it is.

Vertical micro apartment in Madrid

Situated in Madrid, this 226 sq feet apartment is not for those with vertigo, as it requires quite a bit of climbing. Spanish design house MYCC created a vertical mini apartment utilizing the 13 ft in height ceilings, and the interesting space includes a sleeping nook, living area and work space at different heights. A ladder mounted on the wall gives access to the various sections of the apartment.

These stunning micro apartments are changing the way people view small apartments. Some designers and design houses have made amazing transformations which make them beautiful yet cost effective.