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SilverTree: New residential eco-tower for Borough of Newham


The Borough of Newham, one of London’s poorest boroughs, will soon see an eco-friendly development. In an effort to develop the area with a new residential eco-tower, Studio RHE has been hired. The recent plan drawing submitted to the Borough of Newham sees the structure as a sleek 24-story tower incorporating the latest thinking in environmental design to bring down the building’s carbon footprint dramatically. Dubbed the “SilverTree,” the building is wrapped with colored panels on two sides. Not only do these panels provide solar shading, but also the electrical power from embedded photovoltaic panels and solar water heating.


Green vertical forest of planting enclosing terraces and balconies is what you would see on the third side. Curved aluminum bands make a distinct façade that not only provide solar and wind protection, but also accommodate a vast array of photovoltaic panels producing electricity for the building’s use. A ground source heat pump built into the foundations and a central biomass energy center also help in meeting up with the renewable energy requirements. High levels of insulation, closable winter gardens and the careful placing of windows and thermal shutters provide improved thermal efficiency. The SilverTree will have 161 large, high-quality residential units of various sizes. The first floor includes an open deck, while the lower levels will provide commercial offices, retail and cafés.



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