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The Simple Practices That Can Make Farming More Eco-Friendly

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Farming takes a lot of resources and has a huge environmental impact. However, with the help of innovations and recent developments, farming can be made more efficient while reducing its negative impact on the environment. Here are some of the ways and practices that can help you make farming more eco-friendly.

Organic Farming

You must have realized that organic farming is being given more importance than ever before. The simple reason behind is its potential to do a lot of the betterment of our environment. Chemical pesticides that farmers use in fields affect our environment horribly. They have a destructive impact on the surrounding area and are harmful for people who consume them as well.

They get into soil, water sources and the air to only pollute them and leave them unfit for human consumption. Therefore, make sure you do not invest on chemical fertilizers and you indulge yourself in organic farming. This type of farming is certainly expensive in comparison to the one done with chemical pesticides but is much more beneficial if you consider its long term effects.

Purchasing used agricultural equipment

One of the steps that farmers can take while practicing eco-friendly farming is to purchase used farming equipment instead of new ones. If you purchase old equipment that are in good condition and can serve your purpose well, you canhelp reducing your carbon footprint. Production of new equipment consumes energy and adds to pollution. Moreover, you can save money if you purchase old farming equipment.

Harness Solar Power

You can harness solar power, one of the best sustainable energy sources, to make your farming eco-friendly.You can do so in many ways ranging from installing solar panels to solar lights. Farms are usually areas that receive plenty of sunlight, so there wouldn’t be any problem. This way, you will be able to save money that otherwise would have gone into power purchase. Additionally, your reliance on solar power will help you decrease your carbon footprint substantially.

Crop rotation

Maintaining soil’s health is of paramount importance for efficient farming. If the soil health is good, it can continue yielding good produce even without fertilizers. You can use this age old practice to maintain soil’s health and to reduce use of fertilizers. Crop rotation is one of the best methods that enable farmers to do eco-friendly farming.

Organic pest control

You must be aware that tiny ladybugs and beetles love to have mites and flies. You can use this fact to your advantage. You can buy some of these beneficial insects and let them stay in your farm. You will have to create an atmosphere wherein these insects would love to stay. Having them in your farm, you will be able to do organic pest control that is good for the environment.

Try vermicomposting

Vermicomposting is a great way to put food waste or farm waste to good use. It helps converting food waste into rich compost. In cold temperatures, it gets difficult to follow traditional composting. Therefore, you can rely on vermicomposting throughout the year for natural rich humus that fertilizes crops really well. Moreover, it will help you make your farming more eco-friendly. It will reduce the amount of waste that you need to throw away and will enable you to save money and time that usually goes into hiring waste removal services. 

Green farming is the need of the hour.It is simple, inexpensive and offers a plethora of rewarding results. It helps you reduce your farm’s environmental impact, enhances agricultural produce and helps you save money as well.