Simple things to do for reducing your pet’s carbon footprint

We keep talking and trying reducing our carbon footprint but hardly have we thought of reducing our pet’s carbon footprint. We simply fail to realize that they are also responsible for some environmental concerns but it is solely our responsibility to take care of it. Our furry friends are not capable of doing anything to reduce their carbon footprint but we can, and we must. Here are some effective ways you can consider to do the same.

Use biodegradable poop bags

Dog Owner Putting Poop Bag Into Bin On Walk

You ensure that you scoop your dog’s poop immediately while you are out in a park or on the road. So far so good, but the plastic bags you use to put the poop is not right. They end up in landfill sites and we need not state the obvious that for how long do they pollute our environment. His calls for the adoption of an eco-friendly pet practice, which is to use biodegradable poop bags.

Read food labels

dry cat food on a white background

You always make sure that you read the label of food products before picking them for yourself then what stops you doing the same with pet foods. You must consider the label, to check the ingredient list and pick only organic pet food. Just as organic food is beneficial for you, so it is for your pets as well.

Eco-friendly toys and accessories

playing with a puppy

When you have discarded plastic bottles in your home then how could you still be buying plastic toys for your pets? Stop this practice today itself because you know how bad plastic is. Not just air pollution it adds to, but water pollution, and soil pollution as well. Hemp toys are a better alternative you should pick for your furry friends. Besides being an earth friendly choice, hemp toys are durable and renewable.

Coming to the choice of pet accessories, well they should also be eco-friendly. Be it a leash, bedding, combs and brushes, collars, or any accessory you pick, it should be eco-friendly.

Consider the dish material

dish material

Most people prefer to use plastic water and food bowls for their pets. Reasons are unknown but probably they find it more attractive than other alternatives. Well, you pet never demands a plastic food or water dish, so you are responsible for this non eco-friendly pet practice. Replace that plastic dish with a stainless dish or with a ceramic bowl. Your pet might break the ceramic bowl in excitement so a stainless steel bowl is a better option.

Follow green grooming practice

Kitty's veterinarian combing

Pet grooming is must to maintain your pet’s beauty and health. To make pet grooming green, you ought to use eco-friendly grooming products that are free from harmful chemicals. Buy natural grooming products or try to make some on your own. The chemicals found in many pet grooming products are harmful for the environment and for the health of your pet.

Spay or neuter your pet

young woman with cat

Spaying your female pet is good from the environmental point of view, as it controls animal population that would otherwise end up as stray animals. Besides, it helps to maintain your pet’s health because it keeps uterus infections at bay. On the other hand, neutering your male pet will also be a contribution to animal population control that works in interest of environment. It keeps your pet fit and healthy, and he would not feel like escaping from home all the time.

Every pet parent should religiously follow eco-friendly pet practices because otherwise pets contribute a lot to the carbon footprint. Eco-friendly pet practices are not just good for the environment but for the pet parent and the pet also.

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