Simple tips to maintain a green home and safeguard your environment

You do not need to rebuild your house or remodel it completely for turning it into a green haven. Any homeowner can do many small things for making their homes more compatible with the surrounding environment. If you are serious about cutting down your daily carbon emissions then you should change your lifestyle and reconsider every purchase decision.

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The appliances we use at home and the food we eat regularly can have a serious negative impact on the environment. Even the way you wash clothes can affect your surrounding environment negatively.

Making a green home is all about making the right choices and reducing your contribution to global pollution. Some tips for achieving this goal have been discussed in the following.


Be careful about the trash: 

Instead of mindlessly throwing every used item in the trash can you should seriously think about reusing and recycling. Recycling is not rocket science. Any educated and willing individual can recycle household trash like old appliances, cardboard boxes, used papers, napkins, clothes, glass jars, plastic bottles and metal cans. Sustainable homes and furniture are being made around the world from household trash.

Whatever you throw into the trash can will only increase the amount of waste and add to the landfill. By setting up a simple recycling center at home, you can reduce the amount of wastage. The food waste can be used for making fertilizer through a simple composting procedure. You can use this fertilizer in your own garden or even sell it to your neighbors.



If you are still using iridescent light bulbs in your home, then it is time to change them and get some good quality energy saving fluorescent lights.

The fluorescent light bulbs will provide light for a longer period of time and save energy. This type of light cause less pollution than the iridescent light bulbs. Try to keep lights turned off during the day and use natural sunlight as much as you can.


Cleaning products: 

Stop using the toxic cleaning products that you randomly picked from the supermarket shelves. There are many eco-friendly green cleaning products available in the market these days. You can mix vinegar and orange oil for making your own natural cleaning product.


Home appliances: 

Be careful about the home appliances you choose to buy. Replace your old appliances with more technologically advanced and energy efficient new ones. Use a well-insulated water heater or opt for a solar water heater.

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Green transportation: 

Use your car when it is necessary or else take the bus or walk. If you are planning to buy a new car, opt for a hybrid.

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