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Five simple ways to make your car more eco friendly

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Nowadays all love to use eco friendly items to protect the environment from the hazards of greenhouse effects. But do you know that your most vital item of daily use is creating problem to the atmosphere and that item is ‘your car’. As you possibly know, cars are a chief source of carbon in the atmosphere. Indeed, transportation releases about 30 percent of carbon dioxide, the gas which is responsible for global warming. Carbon dioxide is dangerous to your health too. So, now the question is do we stop using the car? No, we just have to find out the techniques which can help us in making our environment safe. So, we can easily implement some simple methods to make our vehicles more eco friendly.

Here are the ways to make a car eco friendly:

1. Replace air filter regularly

Keep Changing the Air Filter

An air filter helps the car in making it clean and keeps the impurities away to protect its engine. For this, the filter requires a lot of force and it gets clogged. So, air filter also needs to be replaced on regular basis. By replacing a clogged air filter you can improve your car’s gas mileage up to 10% and then, it discharges less gas in the environment. So, always keep in mind that it is necessary to change air filter of your car when it is needed and keep the environment safe.

2. Use the correct motor oil grade

Minimise Fuel Consumption

Are you using the correct grade of motor oil for your car? If no, then you are harming your atmosphere because an incorrect grade of motor oil can really lower the gas mileage of the car which causes further discharge of carbon dioxide from your car. On the other side, by using the correct motor oil grade in the car can raise its efficiency by up to 2 percent. So always pick the right motor oil which indicates has the label of “Energy Conserving” on the bottle, by doing this you can simply help your environment.

3. Keeping your tires properly inflated

Check on the Tyre Air Pressure

The other simple and easy way to make your atmosphere clean and safe is, by keeping the tires of your car accurately inflated with the right amount of pressure. As it improves the gas mileage up to 3 percent, thus the car will consume less gas. And obviously when your car consumes less, then it will release fewer gases too, which can helps in making the environment clean and free from harmful gases.

4. Observe speed limits

Always keep ann eye on the Speedometer

Above 42,000 people die every year, due to road accidents in our country. The main reason of traffic crashes is over speed while driving. So you have to limit your speed while driving. It also helps in conserving gas. By controlling your speed limits, you can increase the gas mileage of the car up to 23 percent which means your car will release lesser gases which are hazardous for the atmosphere. So next time when you drive your car, keep this in your mind to control the speed limits.

5. Natural car air freshener

Avoid the fresh air while driving

Do you know the air freshener which we use to make the environment pleasant in the car is very dangerous? These air fresheners are responsible to make the car release harmful gases in the atmosphere. So it is better to stop using them and if you are the fond of them you can use natural air fresheners. You can make the natural air fresheners at home or can buy them from the market.

So, these are some of the simplest methods to make your car more eco friendly. By using them you not only help the environment but also create an example to others and encourage them to use the same techniques.

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