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Five simple weatherization projects helping you conserve power

Put Up Some Plastic

The power has become a leading problem for all the nations out there and there seems to be no perfect concept to deal with this rapid increase in power consumption. In this deal of high power consumption, the weatherization projects have come out to be a savior one. These projects mainly focus on the conservation of power and also protect the house from the ultra-violent weather at times. These weatherization projects are quite famous among the people for their effective use and have resulted into considerable amount of energy generation. These projects are quite simple to use and are really effective in terms of what they deliver. There are plenty such projects out there in the market but only a few of them are worth going for. Here is a list of five weatherization projects which will help you out to conserve considerable amount of energy. Have a look!

1. Dodge the draft(s)

This is one of the coolest and unique methods which can result in considerable amount of energy saving. According to the US Department of Energy, it is believed that these draft procedure can remarkably reduce the energy use of a house and can result in changes up to 5 percent to 30 percent. This draft can be easily made in house and can be effectively used on a large scale to reduce the amount of energy used and would ultimately save bucks out of your pocket. These drafts are not only energy-efficient but also add to the beauty of the house.

2. Install storm doors and windows

The storm doors is the latest in the market and there practically nothing is considered to be better than these storm doors in terms of energy conservation process. These storm doors are believed to increase the average energy efficiency of the house by whopping 45 percent. These storm doors improve the energy efficiency by sealing the drafts around the door and thus resulting in the less airflow of air inside the door. The best part of these storm doors is their awesome durability and flexibility. Similar to the storm doors, storm windows are available in market which performs the same operation as that of the storm doors.

3. Give your heating system a tune-up

We all know the requirement of the heat equipments in the house and there practically is nothing better than these heating devices during winter season. These heating devices have become a basic need for every house and for what they offer; they are really hard to ignore. But, most of the heating devices used are highly energy consuming and results in really high energy bills at the end of the month. So, most of the people out there are afraid of using these and the only best alternative is to go regular tune up of your heating devices as when they get old they start consuming more. So, a regular clean-up and adjustment would ultimately result in saving up to 5 percent to 10 percent of energy bills every month.

4. Put up some plastic

The adding up of plastic to the windows of your house is considered to be one of the best and easiest process in dealing with the violent weather conditions. These plastics can be collected from any nearby shop and would cost you only a few bucks. Also a window insulation kit should be taken for making the most out of the plastic shielded window. Install all these equipments and live freely without bothering about the plastic visibility on the windows. These plastic is essentially invisible and leaves no marks on the windows also. If you can add a draft to the windows, it can hold up considerable amount of air inside while keeping your room warm.

5. Use an energy monitor

The energy monitors are one of the coolest gadgets made until now and is made especially to check up the amount of energy used by your house. These energy monitors looks pretty cool in design and also works pretty well. They provide real time usage values and lets you know the quantity of energy consumed by your house. This can ultimately lead you to save on your monthly energy bills by using the tricks and ways provided by the device effectively. This is a perfect gadget for all those who have been waiting for something cool that could remarkably reduce the energy consumption of the house. It is readily available and is priced at $139. For this price, this gadget is really worth of a deal.