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Sit in style on eco-friendly ‘Screw It’

Screw it by Cho Neulhae

Most of the seating arrangements are usually restricted to standard chairs, sofas or lounges but what if something unique and environmentally friendly is used in parks, university grounds, library gardens or even play areas for children? That’s exactly what designer Cho Neulhae has done. The designer has crafted some unique and innovative chairs that resemble a screw and has given the named ‘Screw It’.

The Make :
This new piece of furniture is made from hardwood and is available in two colors, light wooden and black. It is considered environmentally friendly and can be recycled easily. The screw-like design is made by attaching hardwood planks to each other. Each part is made of 12 pieces and hence it looks like a twisted piece of paper. The wood finish of the seating arrangement makes it look appealing and gives it an earthy look.

Screw it by Cho Neulhae

The Fitting :

Both the parts of the seating furniture have same shape and size so that they fit each other perfectly. The fitting of two parts needs to be done in such a way that both of them are able to hold the weight of the people.

Screw it by Cho Neulhae

The Dimensions :

The dimensions of ‘Screw it’ are 1760 x 500 x 430(height) and thus these are capable of providing rest to the feet of people.

The Use :

Screw it by Cho Neulhae
When two parts are fitted into each other, people can sit on it in various ways such as by facing each other, away from each other or on either sides. The ‘Screw It’ chair can provide seating arrangement for up to four people. You can keep this unique piece of furniture in any place where you feel it will have the maximum usage. Office lobbies, gardens, university campuses and many such places can be highlighted with ‘Screw It’. Its contemporary and modern design is sure to catch attention and people would want to sit on this environmentally friendly and comfortable seating arrangement. If you are looking out for some trendy seating arrangement options for your outdoors, you can surely consider ‘Screw It’.

Via: neulhae