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Six Ideas That’d Make Your Business Eco-Friendlier

by Dr Prem Community Writer
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Mother Earth has suffered more than we can imagine. Despite our continued efforts to save her, well-known but merely addressed problems like consumerism, deforestation, pollution, and other factors have brought the world to the brink of irreversible detriment. Despite the tireless efforts of organizations, the ongoing damage does not seem to stop. Not only this, but all of us, be it individuals or global corporations, are responsible for it. For example, newly founded businesses tend to believe their actions do not adversely affect Earth. However, the grim reality is that irrespective of their size, companies create the most pollution.

Every other business plays a significant role in adding to the already existing pollutants in society. Thanks to the rise in awareness of climate change and global warming, consumers have become socially responsible. These consumers have gradually switched to better alternatives that do not add to the existing heaps of contaminants and pollutants.

Consumers are slowly but surely playing their part, but it is time businesses do the same. Here are some ways to make your business much more environmentally friendly and do your part as a responsible business owner!

1. Consider pursuing education to update your business know-how


Every business founder should have extensive knowledge about changing business dynamics and sustainability. Someone starting an eco-friendly business is no different. However, one does not have to burn more fossil fuels to drive to campus in order to achieve this goal. Hence, to become a socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneur, consider using the internet to upskill. Opting for online MBA programs no GMAT required will help you remain up-to-date with all the latest practices that help make businesses more cost-effective and eco-friendly.

2. Allow employees to work from home

The single most important contributing factor to world problems is air pollution. Known for producing more pollution than other business operations combined, pollution produced via transportation is the most pernicious to our atmosphere. Modern-day businesses have started to allow their employees to work from the comfort of their homes to combat this problem. Because of this big step, employees get to improve their work-life balance alongside their productivity. Thanks to this step, people don’t have to commute as much. As a result, this means lesser carbon emissions through personal vehicles. Also, working from home saves time, which employees spend to get from home to work. Hence, this allows employees to work more without compromising on their productivity. Most importantly, companies don’t have to spend large amounts on their HVAC systems.

However, this concept only applies to organizations where manual labor is not needed as much. Companies that require their workforce to come to work daily can also do their part in lowering their carbon footprint. The best possible option out there is to either use public transport or to carpool. The use of lesser vehicles will result in minimal noise pollution and the production of harmful gases.

3. Invest in secondhand goods


People often tend to forget that going for brand new furniture doesn’t only mean spending big bucks. It also means you are indirectly polluting the environment. Making brand new furniture or office items requires a great deal of hard work. Some of the processes include extraction, compilation, manufacturing, and distribution. Just the methods mentioned contribute to pollution by consuming electricity, fuel, and raw materials.

A brilliant solution to this is to go for carefully used secondhand goods kept in immaculate condition. Pre-owned goods can be a great substitute and help avoid the extraction and manufacturing of new goods. Landfills already have heaps of goods, which is why you should consider going for pre-owned goods. Alongside being cheaper and an eco-friendlier alternative, these goods can also be antique or collector’s items, making your workplace classier than expected.

4. Collaborate with eco-friendly businesses and use organic materials

How can people tell if a company is serious about preserving the environment and is socially responsible? The businesses it partners with and whether it leads by example. For example, a socially responsible business will only use reusable and biodegradable goods and products. Toilet rolls, printing papers, and plastic items are some of the most used items in workplaces. Some of these products come into existence through heavy deforestation. As mentioned earlier, companies can improve their image by using biodegradable and reusable goods. Moreover, organic products are a much better alternative to products filled with toxins. As a result, our streams will be pollutant-free to a great extent.

5. Don’t compromise on the packaging


The packaging of products is perhaps the most eye-catching yet the most useless feature. According to packaging company Trivium Packaging, 74% of customers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. That goes to show how much of a difference eco-friendly packaging can make. Cardboard packaging has been a good alternative for a while, which decreases wastage and allows recycling. However, the most viable option is compostable packaging. Once consumers have no use of the package, they can leave it to decompose into soil rich in nutrients.

Moreover, packaging always needs to be eye-catching despite them being torn apart within seconds. But the amount of deforestation and energy that goes into making them is a lot. People worldwide believe a business with biodegradable packaging has a higher chance of winning their hearts. That is because the masses will happily pay more for sustainable packaging. Cardboard boxes are the best alternative and have been in the market for quite some time now. But the latest and the best substitute out there is compostable packaging. Compostable packaging can be decomposed and turned into nutrient-rich soil, and there’s plenty of things you can do with that.

6. Last but not least – the 3Rs

Unquestionably the most important factors to consider are the 3Rs – Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling. Following these life-saving methods can help keep landfills empty. What’s even more important is to follow these three methods in the correct order.

Reducing comes first and foremost. The reduction in usage of single-use items will allow manufacturers to focus on producing more long-lasting and environmentally friendly products. But when reducing may seem undoable, we move on to reusing. Slowing down the process in which waste ultimately reaches landfills can highly benefit the ecosystem. Reusing goods instead of getting rid of them after just one use can lead to landfills piling up at a slow rate. And finally, recycling. Turning worn-out goods into handy ones allows for landfills to remain as clear as they can be. To achieve this, try to use items over again to avoid the production of new products.


There are countless ways to make your business stand out by being the most eco-friendly one out there. However, some methods are more doable and beneficial than the rest. The ones mentioned above should help your business achieve greatness and become a household name.

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