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Sky Table: Ayrat Khusnutdinov redefines skyscraper design using new technologies

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Ayrat Khusnutdinov, a Russian architect entered the eVolo Magazine 2010 Skyscraper Competition with his innovative proposal called the ‘Sky Table’. His proposed entry was one of the 27 that got special mention in the competition, which recognizes outstanding ideas that redefine skyscraper design using new technologies, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organization. Energy generation and conservation is also a key component of the proposed design.

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The main idea behind the design is provide a space where relations between settling groups and families that are broken due the lack of social place can be enriched. The structure comprises of two load bearing structures with first is located on the ground and the second is in the sky. The body of the building is situated between them and consists of flexibly connected cells. The Sky Table is a city inside a city where its interiors consist of inexpensive housing, offices, commercial spaces, vertical communication lifts and stairs. The cells and the platforms of the building, both have public spaces.

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This aesthetically appealing architecture with great ecological efficiency incorporates three different ways of producing energy. The first approach is via an underground system where energy is accumulated through gas tanks. The second energy source is the wind. The building itself is capable of making wind streams move in a certain direction. The building increases wind intensity by placing heat-conducting paths outside the gas tanks. This system is used for turning airflow to wind turbines.

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In the third way, construction ripples are used whereby special devices that translate ripple movements into electro energy are embedded in different parts of the building where vibrations may be stronger. Solar energy is gathered via lenses that act as light gathering devices. The ventilation of the building is dealt with by collecting wind entering into the building into a single duct.

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Via: Evolo