Skysphereis an eco-friendly retreat for weekend getaways and more

There may be times when you may want to stay alone at a faraway place where nobody disturbs you. If you are a man, then such a place may be called a man cave. While it is an old term, you can still live at such a place in modern times. Jono Williams, an IT company ownerfrom New Zealand,has designed a high-tech micro home with a futuristic concept. He has come up with a modern-day man cave on his father’s farm in Palmerston North. This wonderful home is called Skysphere, which can become a great getaway for any man.

Design concept and purpose

Williams was interested in constructing a custom-designed couch that could be a retreat for his weekends. He was not aiming to build a permanent home. His design inspiration actually came from one of his previous adventures of building a tree house from salvaged materials.He wanted to do make something green and sustainable this time too.

Thus, he started creating a design on his computer and collecting the required stuff for his micro home. He even took a course in welding to complete his dream. Finally, his dream took shape in the form of Skysphere, which took $50,000 and 3,000 hours to be developed.

The actual design and construction

The sustainable and stylish Skysphere is created 33 feet above the ground in the air.Itreceives its power from solar energy. The roof of this house accommodates super-efficient solar strips to generate power. If you step up the ladder from the base to reach this round-shaped home, then you will be able to have an incredible view of its serene natural surroundings.

The ladder is built inside a centrally based cylinder giving access to the main area. The house is constructed out of 8-mm steel. A concrete slab weighing around 50 tons is installed on its top. There are polycarbonate windows all around it. The house is designed amazingly to be quakeproof. It can also withstand high winds.Still, it can be disassembled if one needs to move to another place. It is very much transportable.

The interiors and benefits

The interior design of Skysphere includes a beer dispenser concealed in a special couchhavingstorage space.There is also a bed and an entertainment center. Its doors can open and close automatically on voice commands. These doors also have a zombie mode that closes them in emergencies.

Still, Williams plans to have a fingerprint recognition gadget to ensure more safety. In addition, almost everything ranging from music and colored LEDlights to beer dispenser and movie projector are voice-controlled via a smartphone app. The home not only allows accessing Wi-Fi, but also lets one receive voice notifications about the status of power supply. It is a great design that is energy-efficient, as well as is suitable for all who want to live a nature-friendly life in a modern way.

Skysphere is an environmentally friendly micro home that is fully solar-powered with a cool management system. It can be a wonderful place for any man to live in solitude and in the lap of nature.

Source : TreeHugger.Com

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