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Slice cafe + dining chairs by Graypants

Slice cafe + Dining chairs

Three cheers to all our ecoholic brethren! We have another cause to celebrate. After giving a tough fight to pollution through an integrated effort all around the world, pardon me for not mentioning its incomplete success, some scholastic friend of nature has come up with a solution for an issue we can think of now dealing with or atleast think it over. Apart from pollution, another roaring monster threatening nature is the problem of massive deforestation.

Most of the tree chopping takes place to support the residential purposes of the growing civilization. With the increased consciousness of a better lifestyle, the contribution of wooden furniture to the flourishing interiors of homes has increased multifold. So, remember? I told you this is an issue? Well, there are fewer chances you would frown after reading further.

Presenting the most contemporary form of furniture – a set of three well-designed chairs, all made from a single sheet of ply! No leftover, no wastage, no saw chips, just pure saw dust, these are the only waste you can find after these beautiful pieces of perfection are finished. And it is not a bad deal either. The chairs are present in two comfortable size ranges. A standard dining size and another which is a bit compact for that part.

All the chairs have an exemplary finish and possess the honored ratings certificate from LEED and CARB. Made from the finest quality wood, these are available in two lavish versions of maple and walnut. So despite the fact that you would be a low contributor to global warming amongst the million high ones, no one would dare call you an eco-freak. You would just be the envied possessor of high quality furniture using FSC Certified Eurostyle Plywood.

Kudos to the designers of these chairs! Made with an amazing rationale, the pieces of antiques present an example of how we can maintain a fashionable lifestyle, yet lowering the damage done to the environment. Of course, here I would like to take a slightly different track, and mention that this creation does not promise zero harm to the environment. A plank or two planks, it is at last wood that is being used, the only difference expected that if some good people care to buy this set, they would be using a bit less portion of wood than others do.

Via: Graypants