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Smart China Brass Knuckles crafted from recycled Johnson Brothers china

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Brass knuckles are tools used for self-defense or in hand-to-hand combat. Normally crafted from steel, they are about to get swanky and colorful. Christened the China Brass Knuckles, they are a brain child of Juliet Ames. The artist loves recycling and her collection includes pieces of jewelry, delicately crafted from broken plate shards. She owns the Broken Plate Pendant Company, which came to like in the year 2006.

China Knuckles look very delicate and elegant just like any other blue willow ware from China. Crafted from a salvaged section of Johnson Brothers china, these environment friendly knuckles come in a standard size of 4 1/4″ wide and 2 1/4″ tall. Normally the brass ones don’t match with the personality of a girl but these stylish knucks definitely do. Besides serving as a great defense tool, it can be used to leave a message or as a tissue paper stand. All you have to do is, roll the paper on which you want to leave the note and place it in the rings.

Juliet has appeared in magazines (Baltimore Magazine, Urbanite, Style, Readymade, Greencraft &Real Simple) and on the internet as well. Jewelry designed by her has been worn by famous personalities like Rachael Ray and new anchors. Now, like the jewelry pieces, China Knuckles will also glide into the hearts of smart females in no time.

Via: Gizmodo