Smart ways for an eco-friendly home

You can flaunt your home being eco-friendly with just ome little adjustments. Find out how to  go about it.


1.A Smart Thermostat
This gadget will help you to save an unbelievable amount of wasted energy, by programming your habits. The Nest thermostat is the best choice for this. You can even sync with your iPhone for the same purpose and monitor usage.


2. Solar Power
Solar panels were once considered a luxury that only a handful of households could afford. Nowadays many energy companies install the panels for you, and then purchase the energy from them, which makes it cheaper for you than buying solar panels .


3. Toilet Technology
In 2011, Bill Gates launched a campaign to encourage people to use energy-efficient toilets. Nowadays there are many designs like waterless toilets, to solar powered toilets.


4. Remote Controlled Houses
Companies like Vivint have created a system where you can control everything using your smartphone. Now when you go on a long trip, instead of leaving a light on  you can set it to a timer, or even control it yourself.


5. Smart Washing Machine
LG has created with a smart washing machine with Wifi capabilities that saves a ton of energy, but also allows you to use a smartphone app to diagnose any problems with your washer.


6. Power Adaptors
Companies such as Green Plug have created power adapters that will limit the amount of power given to a device, so that no device is using more energy than it needs to function. It will then shut off the power supply when that demand has been met.


7. Smart Power Strips
You can also purchase smart power strips that will control usage but only for the devices that are plugged into the strip.


8. Hot and Cool Fans
Dyson has created an energy efficient fan that will both heat and cool. Dyson claims that its fan costs up to 30 percent less to heat a room than conventional fan heaters and can reduce energy bills up to 20 percent.


9. LED Light Bulb
Phillips has come up with a more energy efficient solution to fluorescent light so you can choose them as an eco-friendly solution for lighting.


10. Rechargeable Batteries
Disposable batterie are bad for the environment and pose threat to  non-renewable natural energy sources, waste, air pollution, water pollution, etc. We can reverse this by opting to use rechargeable batteries.

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